About Us


AYA Group International

Aya Group International was founded in 1998 in the CIS, acronym that stands for Commonwealth of Independent Countries, or the countries that are formerly part of the Soviet Union in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Today, Ayah Group International boasts of its presence in Europe, Asia and Africa with more than 20 regional representatives.

Ayah Group International specializes in:

1.Investment Consultancy

We provide high quality studies on business plans for different projects in CIS countries as the region is fresh for investment.


We especially invite your attention to take a look at CIS countries like Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan as economies of these countries are fast developing and likewise, their ancient cultural traditions blend harmoniously with their newly-found western character.

We provide excellent services in:

Visa support for CIS countries Airport pick-up Excursion tours and tours around cities Transport services Hotel reservation Tour guiding Translations (for Arabic, English, Turkish & French). Tours to cultural and historical sites Tours to the cities of the Great Silk Road through the Republic of Uzbekistan 3. Education in CIS and Europe

With very low tuition fees funded with scholarship, we facilitate enrollments of aspiring students in varied educational levels to renown colleges and universities in Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Austria, Poland, Latvia), North America ( USA and Canada), CIS countries (Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Georgia Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine), Australia, New Zealand and East Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, China).

We process job applications for physicians and nurses to work in Saudi Arabia. An expansion plan for deployment of various professionals to work in first world countries is underway.
5.Export & Import

The CIS region is rich in natural resources and it produces export qualities and quantities products ranging from high technology equipments to raw materials like wheat, sugar cement, steel scrap, urea oil, and many more.

6.Sport business

We arrange special sports training programs for aspiring professional players in football basketball, volleyball, etc. We organize these trainings with the premier league clubs with visa support, accommodation and feeding.