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We are the first company that started working in the field of sending students to study abroad in the Middle East 15 years ago We have graduates in medicine, dentistry, engineering, aviation, marine and business administration.
Our offices are spread in the Arab Republic of Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Sudan, Yemen, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and Romania.

Study and work all over the world

Aya Group focuses on sending university education missions to Russia, Ukraine and Sudan. Aya International Group provides through its main offices in the Russian capital, Moscow, Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, and Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, a number of universities in the disciplines of human medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, and engineering in all Its specialties are petroleum, nuclear and renewable energy, civil, architecture, industry, electricity, communications, mechanics, and others, as well as literary disciplines such as international law, media, design, fine arts, cinema, decoration, economics and others…

We are the only company that has Graduates.

If you dream of being like them and make your wish come true,
contact us, A Group, 13 years of continuous work and great experience.
Last call. If you also want to realize your dreams of studying in
(Russia _ Ukraine _ Georgia _ Sudan) ..
Please contact the following numbers.. – For more clarification about our university and the countries in which we work
Cairo: 39 Asmaa Fahmy St. Ard El Golf – Nasr City – next to Administrative Control

Aya International Group

About Us Aya Group International Aya Group International was founded in 1998 in the CIS, an acronym that stands for Commonwealth of Independent States, or the former Soviet Union countries in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Today, Aya Group International prides itself on its presence in Europe, Asia, and Africa with more than 20 regional representatives. Aya Group International specializes in 1. Investment consultancy. We provide…


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