Aya Group is the golden gateway to study and work abroad, we are here to support you in every step, from the application to the application, to reaching what you want and aspire and more

Our Student Education Services Your progress for us is a covenant, not a possibility. Studying abroad has advantages and challenges, but we will support you step by step to achieve your goals and ambitions. Your studies with us do not end once you return to your home country, but you will continue with your study abroad experience through the means of online learning and communication with your foreign classmates. And from there to return to your home country with an approved certificate of your level of language proficiency, certificates of passing your university specialization exams, and certificates of passing the preferred academic language for owners of companies, institutions, universities, and government institutions around the world. When you want to study abroad, you will not find better than the experience of our trusted institutions. Career preparation services Job opportunities and communication with different nationalities globally. The countries of what was known as the former Soviet Union and currently the CIS, with its reputable government universities, are among the well-known and distinguished for high-end education, and thousands of Arab students graduated from their universities from different countries and excelled in their countries after their return to it. . If you dream of a better job and academic success, a European degree is the key. Study in the European Union for a thriving career, and you will have experience working in countless branches in your field.

Our Main Services

1- Providing advice and assistance in choosing the appropriate university and specialization.
2- University admission and study invitation.
3- Obtaining a visa letter from the Ministry of Higher Education.
4- Assistance in applying for a study visa.
5- Obtaining various study visas from embassies.
6- Organizing students in groups to get to know each other before traveling abroad.
7- Reception at smuggling and crossings in the study city.
Universities, colleges and universities.
9- Providing adequate housing inside the university or in an apartment outside it, according to the plot.
10- Obtaining the mandatory residence permit from the Immigration and Passports Department.
11- Issuance of the study ID card for the foreign student.
12- Assistance in obtaining mandatory annual health insurance.
13- Providing advice, guidance and counseling for the duration of the study.
14 – Academic and legal supervision during the study period.

Our Universities

Perm University

  • Human medicine
  • dentistry
  • pediatrics
  • preventive medicine
  •  psychiatry
  • nursing

Kazan Medical University

  • Medicine
  • dentistry
  • pharmacy

Samara University

  • civil engineering
  • aerospace engineering
  • College of space acceleration
  • aeronautical engineering
  • College of Industrial Engineering
  • College of Appliances and Electronics
  • College of Computing Sciences
  • Administration and Economics
  • Basic training and basic sciences

University of Belgrade


  • College of Law College of Physical Education College of Kindergarten, Primary and Special Education College of History and Philology
  • College of Mathematics and Education Sciences College of Foreign Languages ​​College of Psychology College of Medicine College of Pediatrics and Medical Business\
  • College of Dentistry College of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Intercultural Communication and International Relations
  • Preparatory College
  • Faculty of Management Faculty of Economics
  • College of Business and Services College of Engineering, Technology and Sciences College of Information Technology and Applied Mathematics
  • College of Engineering and Physics College of Biology and Chemistry College of Mining and Environmental Management
  • Faculty of Journalism
  • Faculty of Social and Theological

Ural Federal University

  • Anthropology and Ethnology
  • Applied Ethics
  • Cultural Studies
  • Design
  • Documents and Archival Science
  • Fundamental and Applied Linguistics
  • History
  • History of Arts
  • Intelligent Systems in Humanities
  • Linguistics: Business and Professional Communication and Information Technology
  • Modern Translation, Interpretation and Translation Studies
  • Translation and Translation Studies in Language Pair: Foreign Language (English, German, French, Chinese, Spanish) and
  • Russian
  • Romano-Germanic Philology
  • Philology
  • Russian Language and Literature for International Students
  • Philosophy
  • Physical Education
  • Religion Studies
  • Sociocultural Activities

RUDN University

  • Agricultural and Technological Institute,
  • Academy of Environmental Engineering,
  • Faculty of Economics,
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences,
  • Faculty of Physics,
  • Mathematics and Natural Sciences,
  • Faculty of Russian Language and General Studies,
  • Business and Hotel Tourism,
  • Medicine RUDN Institute of University of Applied Technical and Economic Research
  • Law Faculty of Philology
  • Foreign Languages ​​at RUDN University
  • World Economy and Business

University First Moscow (Sechenov)

  • Automobile Universities
  • Aviation Universities
  • Chemical Universities
  • Civil & Architecture Universities
  • Economics Universities
  • Education & Teaching Universities
  • Engineering / Technical University
  • Environmental Universities
  • Food Technologies Universities
  • Forestry Universities
  • Geological/Mining Universities
  • Humanitarian Universities
  • Law & Judicial Universities
  • Maritime/Marine Universities
  • Medical Universities
  • Oil & Gas Universities
  • Railway Transport Universities
  • Sports Universities
  • State Universities
  • Vet. Medicine & Agriculture Universities
  • Water Resources Universities

Kazan Federalism

  • Human Medicine
  •  pharmacy
  • petroleum engineering
  • Technology

Ufa Engineering University

  • geology
  • Petrol Engineering
  • architecture
  • civil engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Economy
  • Business Administration
  • Nanotechnology


Samara Medical University

  • Medicine
  • dentistry
  • pharmacy
  • Pediatrics

Ural Medical University

  • Medicine
  • dentistry
  • pharmacy
  • Pediatrics

Novorossiysk Maritime University Faculty of Operation of Water

  • College of Operation of Water Transport and Navigation
  • Mechanical Ship College

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